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February 17, 2021by Vanja Andrić0

Testing and analysis of web accessibility identifies improvement possibilities. Web design and content should be for example accessible to screen readers for the blind, enable using the keyboard for the ones with motoric difficulties, provide the proper contrast level and enable individual adjustment of text appearance for dyslexics. It is quite possible you already have a website and you weren’t aware of this at the time you’ve made it. So what now?

Low level of web accessibility, especially for dyslexics and reading difficulties, motivated us to create inclusive and digital solutions for the web. The main one is Omoguru Widget, an inclusive addition for a web page that enables adjustment of web content appearance with the purpose to improve content readability. Besides that, we also do accessibility testing and overall help companies to be more inclusive.

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What Does It Take to Ensure Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility is a subject that needs to be considered during the planning, design, and development of a website. Most of the accessibility guidelines you should implement during that period. Some come after. Like the ones for text readability. Additional fonts, adapting font size, setting contrast, and additional background colors basically require developing an additional application within your website.   

As dyslexia experts we’d like to see solutions for reading difficulties to be innovative, follow the latest research, and be of the highest quality. That will ensure digital accessibility for dyslexia and be truly useful to web visitors. 

Besides having fonts on a web page that is highly readable, without serifs it would be wise to include a font that shows efficiency on the dyslexia spectrum. It is also important to enable a high level of font and text manipulation. Our widget solves these challenges quite simply and you don’t need to invest in additional development of a custom solution. 

That would include:

  • Longer time to implement accessibility and overall higher cost
  • Longer time to fine-tune appearance and make a sure website doesn’t break
  • Responsiveness of the solution on different screens
  • and of course good font for dyslexia

Be Accessibility Facilitator!

Existing websites can be adapted in phases. Start with our widget to address part of the challenges quickly and efficiently. Then make an analysis of the website and identify changes you need to make. Ensure digital accessibility depending on the level of importance of certain challenges. Critical should be first. 

Let’s remove barriers for people with difficulties together and make access to public information and knowledge easier. We hope we can support you to make this process as simple as possible.

For Web Accessible to Everyone!

For Web Accessible To Everyone!

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