Omoguru Belives in Social Equity, Without Bias

Omoguru team of speech therapists, designers, typographers, dreamers, innovators, and experienced entrepreneurs is finding new ways to deliver a comfortable reading experience to dyslexics and people with reading difficulties.
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Society needs a change! Society today is intolerant towards different needs, or just aware of its existence at the best. That’s why the world we create is inclusive. That means differences are accepted, not just tolerated.

That world, our world, creates and supports ways for everyone to overcome obstacles on their way to achievements because there is no one universal way. A world of equity and without prejudice is possible.

It just needs a bit more empathy and understanding.

Caring For People With Difficulties Is Common Decency

Inclusion and web accessibility are not a trend but necessity. People with difficulties have the right to accessibility and digital environment without barriers. All online services, like banking, media, web shops, cinema program and public information should be easily accessed by everyone. 

In the culture of acceptance there is a solution for everything. It takes just a bit of courage.