How To Install?

Widget is very simple and easy to install. Just paste a few lines of code you receive from us. Configure it to suit perfectly to all web sites or web applications. And the widget is available to your visitors.
It is just a few lines of programming code that should be placed on each page of your website.

In technical words, it as an asynchronous JavaScript code (similar to Google Analytics code), which is serving our web widget hosted on AWS (Amazon Cloud Service) so it won’t affect your website loading speed or performance.

  • Widget’s JavaScript code is absolutely secure since all widget functionalities are only occurring on client side (inside client browser).
  • Widget won’t and can’t change your website code. It is not connecting to any database, and it does not require any special permissions.
Where to paste the code?

You don’t even have to paste it inside head of your website. It is quite enough to paste it at the end of your website footer.

Will the widget break our web?

Our suggestion is to first implement the widget on your website test location. Before you put it on your production website/web application you can test it and see if there is need for some configuration.

What if we need modifications?

Changes and modifications are available with our support.